March 03, 2020



- Agnes Herbert, Two Dianas in Alaska

Not much is recorded about Agnes Herbert and very few details about her personal life are known. She was, however, a prolific writer and wrote multiple volumes of her hunting expeditions and adventures in the late 19/early 20century. We know that Agnes was a native to the Isle of Man, a small British island between Ireland and England. We know she married and was later widowed, the latter giving her the freedom and funds to be able to do what she loved: travel, write, and hunt.

In the British Empire, women were not known to be travelers, let alone game hunters. But Agnes and her cousin Cecily frequently took exotic trips to explore, write, experience nature, and hunt. Agnes documented each hunting trip, referring to herself and Cecily as the “two Dianas” (Diana being the Roman goddess of the hunt). Together they explored three continents, each trip producing a book.

In两个戴安娜在索马里兰,艾格尼丝写道:“这不是我想象中的世界是气喘吁吁了约一拍另一个故事。我知道的体育书籍的制作没有终点。只是 - 我想要写。而在大拍这个毫不起眼的记录,由两名妇女设计并成功实施过,有可能是一些有趣的东西;这肯定是价值超过略有努力开展智力一般的一个人的普遍无聊的这些天,甚至路过的兴趣。......因此,在1900年3月结束时,我们策划了体育之旅索马里兰 - 非常暗暗对自己,对女性讨厌在相当多的男人被人嘲笑,这是非常实在“。

Agnes passed in 1960 at the age of 80. She published numerous books including两个戴安娜在索马里兰,戴安娜的两个在阿拉斯加,and临时工在高加索地区。