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yabo体育appihc iqip是在前ihc业务部门合并后成立的。yabo体育appIHC Hydrohammer,yabo体育appIHC Handling Systems,yabo体育appIHC海钢和IHC Fundex设备。Our principle activities cover foundations,海上风中的安装和退役,亚博体育app官方下载oil and gas,and coastal and civil engineering markets.


yabo体育appIHC IQIP's ambition is to enable our customers to be successful,无论项目类型如何,with our world-class service and innovative equipment.This ensures reliability,security,and improved safety and efficiency.

我们一直在帮助客户克服他们在全球视野和当地业务方面所面临的独特挑战。然而,在一个不断变化的世界里,we have to stay focused and look to the future.随着当今市场和行业的快速发展,projects are taking place within increasingly challenging environments,in deeper waters and more remote areas.

This means constantly looking for improvements and new possibilities to help our customers further optimise their activities. 为了保持盈利能力,we help them to continuously lower costs and maximise efficiencies.We share a passion for developing smart 亚博体育appsolutions and technologies that stand out from the competition.


我们提供全套设备,来自单一来源的建议和其他增值服务,以满足对集成和可靠解决方案不断增长的需求。亚博体育appThanks to the close cooperation we maintain with our customers,我们能够在早期产生积极的影响,develop breakthrough yabo体育app彩票innovations,deliver award-winning projects and generate a strong economic performance.

yabo体育app彩票Innovation is at the heart of what we do,我们努力成为全方位的合作伙伴和提供先进的解决方案的海上和海上基金会,亚博体育app亚博体育app官方下载installation and decommissioning activities.

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