Royal yabo体育appIHC Limited's head office is based in Stocksfield in the northeast of England.The Northumberland-based firm was founded in 1997 and originally called The Engineering Business. In 2008,it joined the yabo体育appIHC Merwede group and became Royal IHC Limited.

With over 200 employees,Stocksfield的核心专业知识包括管道铺设系统和海底车辆。It not only has an established subsea vehicle range but also designs and manufactures bespoke equipment to meet individual requirements.

此外,Royal yabo体育appIHC Limited的专用生命周期支持团队提供广泛的高响应服务,在我们的设备的整个生命周期中为其提供支持和改进,保持运营效率,减少停机时间。