Dredge and marine mining


Royal yabo体育appIHC is your ideal partner for wet mining,construction,所有商品的运营和恢复。Through our integrated approach,我们专注于在整个采矿生命周期内实现最高水平的效率和最低成本。
  • Excellent track record for integrated mining 亚博体育appsolutions
  • 干采转湿采的专业知识
  • 疏浚设备市场领导者
  • 与干式采矿设备相比,机组容量水平较高
  • Lowest cost per tonne mined



  • Mineral mining: our dredgers can be customised to work in conjunction with treatment plants.For example,by using special automation control algorithms.
  • 表土清除:部署在采矿环境中的挖泥船可以根据基础设施进行调整。For example,by electric power supply.
  • Tailings re-handling: standard dismountable dredgers for specific rehabilitation purposes.
  • Marine mining: dedicated vessels based on yabo体育appIHC's knowledge of the dredging,亚博体育app官方下载离岸的,海洋和采矿业。

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