Mission equipment control

Automation systems for efficient operations

Royal yabo体育appIHC designs and produces mission equipment hardware,hydraulic/electric instrumentation and automation control.它与合作伙伴和客户密切合作。

This process results in fully integrated and optimised mission equipment that incorporates various factors,such as cost,重量,footprint,flexibility,reliability,sustainability,accuracy and efficiency
  • Suitable for purpose-built vessels or vessels of opportunity
  • 减少占地面积,and free deck area
  • Low risk of failure and enhanced operational windows
  • Equipment hardware and control system optimally tuned
  • Remotely accessible for maintenance and upgrades


  • Module-handling equipment,such as integrated control of AHC compensated main hoists,guideline hoists,cursors,moon pools and pod-line systems,SIL and skidding system controls.
  • Pipelay equipment,including integrated control hoisting,guidance,and A&R and storage winches.As well as,AHC cranes and tensioners,carousels,benders,spoolers,aligners,hang-off clamps,moon pools and (PLET) skidding systems.
  • For use on all mission equipment that combines mechanical functions with either of the required components.

Main features

  • Integrated hydraulic and nitrogen systems for AHC,integrated cylinder control.
  • Integrated and redundant control system with cyberchairs for operators.
  • yabo体育appIHC DIVA software platform for monitoring,control and automation.
  • 经验证的I/O处理,distributed PLC SCADA Ethernet/glass fibre technology with reduced cabling.
  • Robust instrumentation that is suitable for marine activities.
  • Highly autonomous.
  • Active interface with DP system,power management (PMS) and alarm monitoring (AMS).
  • Integrated mission equipment and vessel CCTV system.
  • Training simulators available.
  • Fully classified.

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