Hydraulic systems


Royal yabo体育appIHC's hydraulic systems are delivered according to customer specification,包括电源,manifolds and auxiliaries.Our services include engineering,assembly,testing,hydraulic piping,冲洗,on-site commissioning and refurbishment.
  • Principle engineering
  • Extensive application knowledge
  • No interface issues
  • 任何第三方认证
  • 品牌独立

Hydraulics for heavy-duty operations,suitable for harsh on- and 亚博体育app官方下载offshore conditions

We understand the importance of a smooth and continuous operation.Our hydraulic systems are engineered in-house according to the latest standards.We have extensive knowledge of:

  • 主动和被动升沉补偿系统
  • trailing suction hopper dredging
  • cutter suction dredging
  • 反铲挖掘
  • 浮式生产储油船安装和卸载设备
  • 立管顶部张紧系统
  • jacking systems
  • telescopic gangways
  • pipe and cable-laying installations
  • module handling systems
  • 亚博体育app官方下载offshore installation and handling tools
  • heavy industry
  • civil industry.

Available features

  • Electric powered hydraulic systems
  • Diesel powered hydraulic systems
  • Open loop hydraulic systems
  • Closed loop hydraulic systems
  • 二次控制液压系统
  • Oil-based systems (synthetic or biodegradable)
  • Water-based systems (water-glycol or seawater)
  • Suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous environments
  • 电机控制中心
  • Installed power ranges from 10kW to 3MW and up

Designed in accordance with all third party rules and regulations,包括与起重机械有关的设备,drilling appliances,载人作业,pressure engineering directives and CE marking.

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