Pipeline plough

Royal yabo体育appIHC designs and constructs some of the most advanced and capable pipeline ploughs in the world

Our range of pipeline and backfill ploughs facilitate the burial of pipelines in a variety of seabed conditions.yabo体育appIHC的犁已经部署在一些标志性项目上,such as the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

  • 世界上最大的犁管机
  • Capable of being towed at up to 400t
  • Multi-pass ploughing to 2.5m trench depth
  • 在最深1000米的水深下操作
  • Complete pipeline upheaval buckling protection when used with the BPL3


As a pipelaying specialist,我们知道如何处理产品——无论是在甲板上还是在海底条件下。In addition,我们在疏浚和土壤力学方面的专业知识使我们能够为任何管道埋设要求开发解决方案。

yabo体育appIHC designed and delivered the first Sea Titan pipeline plough in 2002.Our track record in seabed intervention enables us to successfully upgrade and modify previously designed ploughs,以及设计和制造一些世界领先的系统。


yabo体育appIHC的PL3犁和BPL3回填土犁系统是世界上同类犁中最大的。这些系统可将产品埋深和回填至2.5 m,水深达1000 m。设计用于处理直径达60英寸的管道,犁在全球各地被用来埋干线。

The PL3 and BPL3 systems have been used by Saipem with great success in recent years,他们出色的操作性能证明了IHC有能力提供高产的犁耕设备。yabo体育app