Production estimation training

For production engineers

Tendering for a dredging project involves proposing realistic production estimates.本课程涵盖所有相关方面,准备时必须考虑到这一点。It also deals with the theoretical production calculation method based on production models and historical performance.


  • Analysing project constraints
  • 选择正确的设备
  • 给出CSD的实际生产估算
  • 为TSHDS提供实际的生产估算
  • 进行基本成本估算



  • tender documents
  • 岩土工程勘察
  • bathymetry/volume estimation
  • 设备选择
  • 泵和泥浆输送(理论)
  • production calculation of CSDs and TSHDs
  • estimations of dredge efficiency.

Training methods

A mixture of presentations,讨论和个人作业将在课堂上进行。参与者还将被要求解决多个案例。Equipment performance graphs of the customer's own vessels will be used,and practical assignments in the yabo体育appIHC soil lab are included.
This training is practical,但有足够的时间来讨论参与者在该领域可能面临的任何疑问和挑战。